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Sylvana is a holistic intelligence advisor, guiding founders and executives to better manage their internal psychology so that they can lead from a place of clarity and confidence. She has coached and consulted at Slack, Disney, IBM, GE, Dropbox and some of Europe’s leading startups. She’s given talks at conferences such as Startup Grind & Business of Software Europe, speaking on the human side of leading in tech.

A political scientist by training, Sylvana is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and she studied Yoga & Ayurveda in India. Her multidimensional studies and international background enable her to guide clients with a wide set of tools (“East meets West”) and first-hand expertise of leading a globalized, fast-changing workforce.

Prior to coaching and consulting, she spent the better part of a decade working in international development, learning universal principles of sound leadership and what makes organizations & people thrive, from Turkey to Peru. With organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Orbis International, she led teams and projects across the globe, collaborating with ministries of health, the UN and policy-makers to improve health outcomes in underserved populations. Sylvana holds a B.A. in International Relations from FIU and an M.A. in French Civilization (Foreign Affairs focus) from NYU / Sciences-Po Paris.

After spending many years in NYC and Paris, Sylvana now lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and their baby daughter.

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