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Criticism! Three steps to prevent it from stressing you out

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Receiving feedback or criticism can be really hard. It is natural to feel defensive or insecure but if you have the ability to truly hear and accept feedback you can move up professionally much faster. In the video below I share three steps to make it easier for you to receive feedback without loosing your confidence.

So let’s recap.

Step 1: Have the awareness that feedback is for your own good, its not meant to bring you down. No matter how its delivered (even if you are being screamed at) focus on the underlying area of improvement instead of on the delivery of the feedback.

Step 2: Don’t make it personal. If you generalize the feedback you will be miserable. Instead focus on the details – what exactly can you change to improve

Step 3: Some feedback should be ignored. Evaluate who is giving you the feedback and if you can actually incorporate it before letting it stress you out.


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