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How to get that BIG project done already

I was originally hoping to write this in July, then I pushed it to August and then to September but here we are in October and its finally here. Sometimes my projects get pushed down on the priority list - even when they are very, very important. Does this ever happen to you? You have a big idea, a strategic project that will be so impactful once done. But if you are like any other super busy, overwhelmed professional you can't seem to get to it.

Life gets in the way.

Your mounting tower of to-dos gets in the way.

And so your big, heavy project just collects dust in the corner of your brain.

For me, that project was to create a new website for my firm, The Dayen Group. I created the original website years ago and even though the work we are doing has changed quite a bit, I couldn't seem to get to updating the website. Well, I am doing the happy dance now because IT'S DONE! I am so excited to announce that we have launched our new website with all the bells and whistles that I have been dreaming of.

When you check out the website you can: 1. Meet our super talented and newly expanding team 2. Read 3 case studies from our work in executive, business and career coaching 3. See the 5 powerful steps in our propriety coaching model GUIDE. 4. Learn that we are passionate about how people RISE. I am hoping that you can help me make the hours of sweat, tears, and money spent worthwhile by sharing this email with colleagues and friends that you think might benefit from learning about the work we do.

So anyway, back to how to get that big project that is strategically important but keeps falling down on your to-do list.

Here are the steps to help you GET IT DONE:

  1. Find someone to work with you on this or to keep you accountable. Until I hired a project manager I never made this a priority - having someone else rely on me to get my work done kept me moving forward

  2. Block out time on your calendar to work on this. Go on! Right now look at your calendar and block out 2 to 3 hours to focus on this project. Add it in as a meeting and DON'T LET YOURSELF CANCEL IT.

  3. Set aside 30 minutes of quiet thinking time designated to this project. I am willing to bet that this project has stalled because you haven't had the time to think through the approach, outline, strategy or something else that requires you to THINK!

Go forth and get it done! And thank you for checking out and sharing our website!


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