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Bad Covid Work Habits

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A year ago, many of us were on our second week of quarantine, talking about Zoom, covid, and Tiger King. Maybe like me, you also assumed that the quarantine would last about a month maximum. Maybe like some of my clients at the time, you defaulted to short-term coping behaviors at work to “get through” the quarantine. I remember listening to one of my clients at that time and thinking… “We are all in survival mode – this coping behavior will have to do for now, but this is toxic for the long haul.” I decided to write down the new behaviors that concerned me the most to keep an eye on them. This was my note just 2 weeks into quarantine…

A year later, you (like the rest of the world) have experienced so much turmoil, stress, and hardship. Have your short-term coping behaviors become long-term habits? If you have been operating on autopilot (just trying to get through it all) then they might have. Remember that list I shared above? Well, if any of those coping behaviors became long-term habits for you then negative effects are starting to show now. Take a look below to see how...

If what I share above resonates please take action. Schedule a daily walk, call that person you have been avoiding, share what’s going on for you with your colleagues, and give feedback. If you are thinking – "Helen, easier said than done" – I hear you – below are some of my favorite resources to help you break some of these bad habits or just call me.

I'd love to hear what other habits you would like to form or break.


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